The Good News

Saint John XXIII June 8, 2019

Leadership Message

Trusting the Process: The Wonder and Delight of Flight…

It’s that time of year where we have our feet in two places; on the safety of the branch and taking that leap of faith into new adventures.

Teachers are celebrating a year of relationships, learning, and growth with their current students and at the exact same time, preparing and engaging in transitions for next year’s flock. Parents are still trying to muster the energy to make lunches, run in the evenings to soccer and ball games, attend dance recitals, and at the exact same time, engage in discussions and plans for next year. Students are often excited about new beginnings and at the exact same time, a little hesitant to leave familiar surroundings and routines. It is a time of many wonderings; Will my teacher next year notice that I like a quiet space to think sometimes? Will my friend be with me in my new class? Will my child’s teacher know the strategies that worked well this year? Will my new students need many interventions? Will I be enough? Will my child be okay?

For all humans, transitions can be a time filled with many wonderings, this is natural and wonderful. We celebrated the Ascension of Christ this past week where Jesus departed from His earthly dwelling and took His seat at the right hand of God. I imagine like many of us, the Apostles looked up to Heaven and wondered. Like us, I am sure there were moments of uncertainty and worry, and then, that insecurity and tension was transformed into a peaceful certainty of God that floods our hearts with love and joy.

As we step off those branches, may we have faith in the process and embrace the wonder and delight of flight.


Mrs. Boehm

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Mrs. Kellog Recommends...

Transitioning: Preparing for Next Year

Many professional considerations are taking into account when determining optimal learning environments for all students next year. Students' placement for the 2019-2020 school year are now available in Powerschool Parent Portal. To see your child's homeroom placement for next year:

Login into PowerSchool Parent Portal

Click on child's name tab at the top of the page

Click on "Additional Resources" in the left hand column

Click on "Next Year Placements"

Repeat for each child.

Giving students the opportunity to connect with and meet their new teacher and see their new learning environments often alleviates some worry about new settings and experiences. Thursday, June 13 Students will visit their new teacher and classroom for a period. As always, please continue to communicate important information with our team, beginning with your child's teacher, so we can support your child. There are many dedicated people who wrap around your child every day to provide positive and caring faith and learning journeys for each student.

At Saint John XXIII, staff work diligently every day to build connections and foster relationships with ALL students, regardless of class, they are all "our kids" and this makes transitioning so much easier. Thank-you for your continued trust in all we do!

Apple Program Sponsorship: Thanks Dr. Kumari for your generosity!

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Grade 4 Students heading to St. John Paul II-see important information below!

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Riding the Bus next year? Read below...

As planning for the new school gets under way, transportation requests are required for:

1. Grade fours moving to grade five at SJPII and require busing

2. Any new requests for those students in grades 1-4 or changes to information including daycare/babysitters

3. ALL Kindergarten students need to apply

Here is the link for requesting transportation information

Thank-you Thiel's Greenhouses for your Generous donation of our Edible Plants for our Outdoor Classroom Gardens!

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Pre-Kindergarten: Limited spaces in morning class, Spaces still available in the afternoon! Come journey with us!

We have limited spaces in our Pre-K morning class and spaces available in our pm class. We are very blessed to have a Pre-Kindergarten program at Saint John XXIII that is led by a certified teacher that focuses on a faith and student-centered approach to learning and discovery. Our Pre-K teacher, along with an Early Learning team consisting of; Speech and Language Pathologist and assistants, Occupational Therapist, Early Learning Consultants, Physio Therapist, and educational assistants that work together to provide an inclusive program where all students can learn and develop in a responsive environment. Our Team works closely with families to provide support and screening of important developmental milestones.

One of the unique elements to Pre-K at Saint John XXIII is our Early Learning Music Specialist, Mrs. Melanie Doderai, who passionately and enthusiastically takes our Pre-K and Kindergarten students on a musical journey throughout the year that fosters important fine arts exploration and movement.

Please contact the school to register for our exciting and innovative Pre-Kindergarten program. We would love to Play, Learn, and Grow with our child!

Change to EICS Supply and Transportation Fees-see below. Supply Lists will be available at Staples and sent home at the end of June

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1-1 Technology Information

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Please return any Spring Photos along with payment for those you are keeping ASAP

Growing Brains, Sharing Smiles...It's a Great Day to be a Saint John XXIII Kid!

OLA Parish News

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Saint John XXIII School Council News

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Upcoming Events:

Next School Council Meeting: Wednesday, June 12th 7:00 pm Collab Room All parents are members of our School Council and are invited to every meeting! Elections for next year; come and share your gifts in executive positions-Co-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Fun Day Hot Dog Lunch: JUNE 18th We are so grateful to our parent volunteers who will be providing a hot dog lunch during our Fun Day. Come and be a part of our day and help out by prepping and delivering lunch to our kids. We need volunteers to help prep and hand out lunch from 10:30-12:30 pm.

Family Summer Send Off: Sunday, June 23 Harbour Pool 10-12 pm Come one, come all and celebrate together the wonderful year we have had! Tickets will be on sale this week and will be a minimum donation of $20.00/family. More details to follow.

Playground Society News:

Come One, Come All!

We are having a BBQ fundraiser at Legacy Park June 9th!

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June 10: Assembly 9 am-Chimes performance & Jump Rope for Heart prizes

(Pre-K ISP Transition meetings)

June 12: ISP meetings (K-4) School Council meeting 7:00 pm Collab room

June 13: Grade 4 Farewell 11:00 am New Teacher-Student Classroom Visits

June 14: Grade 3 Rec swim

June 17: Assembly 9 am

June 18: Fun Day (STJPII Sports Program students leading and hot dog lunch provided by School Council) Grade 4 ISP transition meetings

June 19: K-4 ISP Transition Meetings

June 20: Panago Pizza Lunch Talent Show 1-3:00 pm

June 21: Kindergarten Valley Zoo, Gr. 1 Wilderness Walk, Gr. 2 Ukrainian Village

June 23: Summer Swim Send Off @ Harbour Pool 10-12 pm

June 24: Pre-K Year-End Picnic

June 26: Kudos to Kindergarten 5-6 pm

June 27: Last Day of School Year-End Celebration 11:00 am Report Cards Open