Artists and Their Art

Our event is on the Saturday 16th February at Exeter's Pheonix Centre

Saturday, Feb. 16th, 12:30pm

Exeter's Pheonix Centre

We are holding an exhibition on Pop Art. We have got many different pieces of art work from lots of different artists. Even if you are not a very arty person come along and grab a piece of cake and cup of tea in our cafeteria.

Exeter Phoenix Pop Art!

We have a range of art from artists such as:

Andy Warhol

( Born - August 6th 1928. Died - February 22nd 1987)

Claes Oldenburg

( Born - January 28th 1929. Still alive)

Roy Lichtenstein

( Born- 27th October 1923. Died - September 29th 1997)

These artists are famous all over the world with there pop art!

I am a pop art artist myself and will be displaying some of my art own artwork. As an artist I work on the pictures of people and some packaging. I prefer this kind of pop art because I think that it is more inspirational, especially the faces. I have done many different famous people such as Marilyn Monroe. I have also done one of myself that will be on display at the exhibition.

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