Antelope High School Library News

December 2017

Google Tech Spotlight of the Month: Scrible Edu and Scrible Writer

Google has teamed up with Scrible to bring teachers and students an all-in-one tool for digitally writing research papers and managing research resources. Students can save pages and documents from anywhere on the web, including from our databases, by clicking on the Scrible extension. Scrible will even save annotations that have been completed on the document.

When students are ready to write their paper, they can simply open up their Google Doc and click "Start" Scrible Writer from the Add-ons drop down menu. All of their saved webpages from their Scrible Library will show up on the right hand side of their Google Doc. They can then easily access their annotations and sources while typing their paper. If they click on a source and choose add bibliography, Scrible Writer will automatically paste the citation at the end of their Google Doc. Now that's cool!

Scrible Edu is free to students and teachers, and you can sign-on using your Google account. This is great for student privacy!

Follow these simple steps to make research and research paper writing more streamlined:

  1. Sign-up at
  2. Add Scrible Extension
  3. Log-in with your Google Sign-in
  4. Get the Scrible Writer Add-on to link your Scrible account to your Google Docs.
  5. Now you can access your Scrible Library while writing your paper.
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GooseChase Edu

You have to try this! Take any lesson you have and turn it into a scavenger hunt with GooseChase Edu. Have your students snap photos, answer questions, and/or shoot videos as evidence. The game is mission based, and you can project the leader-board for a little added competition. As a teacher you can delete points for poor team work, not following instructions, etc... or add bonus points for awesome team work, creativity, etc... From personal experience, students love this!

The GooseChase App is free, and you only need one team member to download the app onto their phone. Five teams are allowed with the free version. If you want unlimited teams, the cost is $49/year.

Maker Space Student Activities for December

Please help to spread the word for Maker Space Mania Mondays after school in the Library. We will be running a Tech Deconstruction Project on December 4th and 18th. Students can take apart old technology and build something new, anything from an art piece to a working machine.

Teacher Tech Tools

Check out the Library Webpage for a collection of favorite technology applications in the classroom. From presentations to organization, videos to comics, photos to avatars, the opportunities are limitless for your students and you. Try one new resource each month and let me know what you think. Check them out here or on the Library Webpage.