6th Grade Newsletter

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Monday (1/11)

Tuesday (1/12)

Wednesday (1/13)
  • Early dismissal 1:15 pm

Thursday (1/14)

  • Early dismissal 1:15 pm

Friday (1/15)
  • Early dismissal 1:15 pm
  • End of the marking period

Monday (1/18)

  • MLK Day (Holiday for ALL)
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PTO Meeting

January's PTO Meeting has been moved to THIS WEDNESDAY (JANUARY 20TH) at 3pm.
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Math with Mr. Zgonc

Hello to all our newbies that have joined us! We just finished up with Chapter 5, percents, ratios, all your favorites! We now move onto Chapter 6 and integers! I know, one of my favorites as well…we will compare them, order them, slice and dice them as well. We then will order fractions and decimals and talk about absolute value as well. Finally we will place points on a coordinate plane…but not just the upper right quadrant…we will delve into the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quadrant as well. Yes, places some teachers won’t even talk about let alone dare explore. Hopefully you will be available to support your child thru this adventure we all call chapter 6. Maybe you could even ask them to explain some of the lessons to you as well. Until next time…


ELA with Mrs. Rumph

Vocabulary: Unit 17 (therm, hyper, and hypo) Quiz on Friday 15th 2021.

Comprehension: We will continue working on standard RI.6.3 Analyzing Key Details. The article we will read this week is “Supervolcano: Lurking Beneath Yellowstone Park.”

Writing: Our focus this week is on argumentative writing, standard LAFS.6.W.1.1

Social Studies with Mrs. Wallace

Topic: Ancient Egypt

Students will be able to: identify and explain the importance of three environmental factors in a landscape, (such as bodies of water, landforms, plant life, and weather) that affected early settlement in Egypt.

Vocabulary: Egypt, Mediterranean Sea, The Nile River, topography, vegetation, irrigation

Upcoming Quizzes/Tests:

Stay current with these (TBD) dates on Bloomz.

A study guide will be provided that teaches students how to study effectively.

Science with Mrs. Wallace

Topic: Earth Systems and the Interactions Among them

Students will be able to: differentiate and show interactions among the geosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere.

Vocabulary: biosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere, mineral, rock, groundwater

Upcoming Quizzes/Tests:

Stay current with these (TBD) dates on Bloomz.

A study guide will be provided that teaches students how to study effectively.

Zoom Codes for Absentees

If you must quarantine, the below Zoom Codes and class schedule are available to you. You must e-mail your homeroom teacher before joining this format so that they may take proper attendance. Thank you!

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How do your WZR Teachers Usually Communicate?

Mrs. Wallace uses Bloomz. See codes below!

Mrs. Rumph uses e-mail.

Mr. Zgonc uses his website. See link below!

Social Studies & Science Bloomz Codes

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Contact Information

Mr. Zgonc (6th Grade Math)


(321)433-0050 Ext. 46845

Mrs. Rumph (6th Grade ELA)


321-433-0050 Ext. 46846

Mrs. Wallace (6th Grade S.S. & SCI)


(321)433-0050 Ext. 46834