Nicholasa (Mamita Colacha)



My grandma was 16 and was in a divorced family. At that age she started to work as the kitchen helper. Every day they served 300 soldiers 3 meals a day breakfast lunch and dinner. They gave her a small opportunity to have an education.Also my grandma left my grandpa named papito Miguel so she could find a better education .My grandma is helping my grandpa battling his cancer. My grandpa had cancer for 8 years and had many treatments for many years.

A lesson she learned

A lesson she learned was she learned about commitment and marriage and keeping our family married. Also she made sure their kid get an education.My grandma was 16 and 54 years ago was a conflict between El Salvador and Honduras. the conflict happened in 1963. When they told them the people for the conflict were coming she ran for her life.

block 3-4 Isiah Chavez