40 Tips poster project

Andreasen Personal Finance

Tip #2

Know the ground rules.

This tip talks about how knowing the terms of agreements can benefit you financially

Tip #3

Get organized

This tip talks about how being oragnized can help you can help you do things like paying bills, keeping track of checks, keeping records for college, and paying taxes

Tip #14

School is your first job

This tip talks about how having an education will pay off alot more down the road than having a part time job and if you cant handle school and work at the same time, always pick school

Tip #17

Take time now to prepare for a career

This tip talks about how figuring out salary ranges of jobs and learning how to analyze benefits will make your life alot more stress free when you get a job

Tip #22

Compare the costs of living on campus and renting an appartment

You should sit down and take a look to see if living on campus is cheaper than commuting from home or an appartment. The cost diffrence could be very substantial and help to keep you out of tons of debt

Tip #23

Pay your rent on time

Why would you give someone money for free? If you pay your rent on time there is no problem and you wont get extra fee's

Tip #26

Seperate needs from wants

Just because a new line of sneakers or a new videogame comes out does not mean you have to get it right away. If you priortize your wants from needs then you will be able to pay off school loans and house payments much easier

Tip #27

Take advantage of student discounts

If you use student discounts to your advantage then you will end up having alot more money then you thought you would have had. For example, a school book could cost up to $300 but with a student discount you could get up to half off the price of that for free

Tip #31

Create a budget and stick to it

If you make a budget and stick to the plan, you are much more likley to be sucessfull than just doing what you feel like whenever you feel like doing it

Tip #40

Net worth is not the same as self worth

Money is important but do not let it take over your life. Family should be first and will always be there for you