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October Spooks

Happy Halloween

Top 10 Halloween Costumes of 2019

According to CBS, the top 10 Halloween costumes of the year 2019 are:

1. IT

2. A Witch

3. Spider - Man

4. A Dinosaur

5. Descendants

6. Clown

7. Fortnite

8. Chucky

9. 1980's


Have a safe and fun Halloween, make sure to check your candy before eating it .

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The Origins of Halloween

Halloween began with Celtic Paganism in Britain and the feast of Samhain, a new year. They believed that it was a night where spirits came out, and to appease them, people would give them different treats. Later, it was celebrated in Ireland, Whales, Scotland, and parts of Whales. After Christianity started to take root in other countries, they tried to ban Halloween until both Christians and Pagans incorporated their practices.

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Chocolate Cherry Mice



  • 1 cup of chocolate chips milk or semi-sweet
  • 1 teaspoon shortening
  • 20 Maraschino cherries with stems (they are hard to find but are sure worth it)
  • 20 Hershey's chocolate kisses
  • 20 Unsalted peanuts halved
  • 20 Red-hots or tiny cinnamon candy


  • In the microwave or over the stove, melt the chocolate chips and shortening together. Stir until smooth.
  • Holding a cherry baits stem, dip it into the chocolate and then press a chocolate kiss onto the cherry.
  • Wedge peanut halves between the cherry and chocolate kiss to make the ears.
  • Place this on wax paper until chocolate dries.
  • Add a couple dots of white frosting for eyes, then put a little melted chocolate on a red-hot and place on the end of the kiss to make the nose.

Spooky Dad Jokes

“Boo” is Latin for “I’m screaming!”. Why do ghosts speak Latin you ask? Because it’s a dead language!

What is a witch’s favorite subject in school?


What is a ghost’s favorite yogurt flavor?


Why did the vampire puke after biting Taylor Swift?

Because she had bad blood!

Why didn’t the coffee bean go to the Halloween party?

Because he was grounded!

What are you likely to find on a haunted beach?

A sand-witch!

What do you get when you cross a very strict school teacher and a vampire?

A lot of blood tests!

Knock knock!

-Who’s there?


-Philip Who?

Philip my bag with sweets already!

What kind of music do mummies listen to?

Wrap music!

What is a pumpkins favorite sport?


What is a vampires least favorite meal?

A steak!

High School Happenings

Cast Announced for Newsies

Jack Kelly - Kyle

Katherine Plumber - Soren (Charley)

Crutchie- Kaylie Metz

Davey- River

Les- Chandler

Joseph Pulitzer- Max

Medda Larkin- Charley (Shelby)

Spot Conlon- Gage

Seitz- Ruthee

Bunsen- Audrey

Hannah- Aden

Wiesel- Mackenzie

Delancy Bros- Zane, Kaden M

Bowery Beauties- Jenna, Kaitlin KB,

Kaylee D

Snyder- Marisol

Mayor- Aubriana

Roosevelt- Zane

Nunzio- Gina

Guard- Caden L, Cody

Scabs- Lane, Ashley, Jacob

Goons- Rowdy, Lacey, Taylor

Stage Manager- Elena

Nuns- Jenna, Kaitlin KB,

Kaylee D

Woman- Shelby

Mr. Jacobi- Kelsie D

Policemen- Megan S, Kenzie


Allison, Elena, Amilee, Kyra, Stormy, Destiny L, Kaitlin G, Devan, Destiny G, Val, Reese, Brooke, Inno, Gracie

Names in ( ) are understudies

Del Norte Cross Country

In the past two weeks, the Del Norte Cross Country team has won medals. The first medal was won at our home track at the Rio Grande Club on October 5th. For this meet, Ben Parra earned 2nd, Kyle Dahle earned 5th, Isaac Schaffer earned 6th, TJ Sanchez earned 17th, and Eric Lorenz earned 19th. The girls took home second with Aden Howell in 6th, Kristen David in 8th, Ruthie Stepps in 12th, and last but not least, Allison Noller in 13th place. This means the girls won The Southern Peaks League and everyone ran their personal best time.
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