By- Kate Kyle

Lithuania and the EU

Lithuania was not one of the founders of the EU. Up until 1990, Lithuania was part of Russia, however it didn't join the EU officially until May 1 2004. Before Lithuania joined the EU, the currency there was litas and not euros. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius and some other major cities are Kèdainiai, Klaipèda, Kaunas, and Jonava. Countries that border Lithuania are Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and Kaliningrad. Lithuania has hills, plains, and forests. It also has a parliamentary government.



Lithuanians flag has 3 stripes yellow, green, and red.

Yellow means- Sun, prosperity, golden fields, and goodness

Green means- Forest, countryside, nature, freedom, and hope

Red means- Bravery and is a tribute to all who lost their lives defending Lithuania.


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