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You joined Chloe + Isabel once upon a time for some reason or another. Maybe you realized it wasn't a good fit for you, maybe the timing was off, maybe you have had some bad experiences or maybe you just didn't ever really get started. I'm here to let you know that it is never too late to make that investment work for you. If you are interested in a restart this summer - I am here for you!

There is a lot of information to cover - to get you up to date on the latest going ones. There are many things that have changed and I want to help you keep in the loop. Please fill out this goal sheet so I have an idea of the direction that you want to take your business in 2017.

While not yet announced there are going to be changes introduced very soon about the requirements to remain an active merchandiser with Chloe + Isabel. The last information I received was moving forward in order to remind active you must sell $600 within six months. What does that mean? If you become inactive you will be removed from the Chloe + Isabel Facebook communities, you will no longer be able to purchase items at a merchandiser discount and your online boutique will be deactivated. If your boutique is not searchable and if no one can find your website there is no way for your customers to shop. So how can you become active, $100 in sales every month. You can have 2 $50 sales or 4 $25 sales. Does that sound unreasonable?

If I have peaked your interest, and you are ready to work to have success, I'd love to brainstorm ways that we can get you started again. I am hoping you can chat next week? You can schedule a time with me by texting me directly at 720-320-2782 or via Facebook messenger. I want you to have as much success as you can and with our Summer Journey to Jaipur collection launching yesterday this is a great time to re-engage!

In the meantime head to your dashboard and check out the academy. Going through the academy trainings is a great way to brush up on the new stuff and remember the old.

Do what you LOVE and LOVE what you do!

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Refresh your display with the new collection. Make one sale and then you can access the 50% off collection from now till May 23rd.

Just a little refresher on the basics

Our SuperStyleSquad Mission

Y'all are Super and clearly have mad Style...put us all together and we are a Squad!

We are the SuperStyleSquad! Our version of Super Heroes!

Each of us have special Superpowers and as a team we work together to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be!

Let us REACH for greatness!

R-espect your fellow merchies

E-ncourage one another

A-ppreciate each other

C-ommunicate both our failures and successes so we can all learn

H-ave fun!

And remember too always-

Be creative. Be confident. Be you!

Let's get to know each other

Please connect with me on Facebook! I can then add you to our team page: SuperStyleSquad. It is there that I do much of our team postings, incentives, shout outs...and I want you to be a part of it!

50% off the new collection