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Community Service Q&A

Q: My daughter didn’t submit any community service hours last weekend. I wasn’t aware that they need to submit for every quarter-end, until yesterday that I read the paperwork again. I thought she just needed 10 hours before the end of the school year.
  • A: Quarterly recommendations are only recommendations. It's a way to spread out the work so it doesn't become overwhelming at the end of the year.

Q: If students have all year to submit community service, what is the purpose of Quarter-End due dates?

  • A: Depending on the number of students submitting events, and the number of events being submitted, it can take Mrs. Martinez hours, or even days, to go through these, verify hours and record the hours on Connect. If we didn't have the Quarter-End due dates, most students would procrastinate until the weekend before the final due date and it would take Mrs. Martinez weeks to go through everything AND if students had any missing documents (which happens frequently) she would not have time to collect them, thus the student would not get credit for those hours. Quarter-End due dates keep students on track with the service fresh in their memories and makes the job of counting hours a bit easier.

Q: My son didn't submit any community service hours last weekend. Please let me know if his grade will go down since he didn’t submit?

  • A: Grades are not connected to Community Service and will be unaffected by students not submitting hours. However, the end of the year Certificate of Completion and the 8th Grade Medallion ARE! Please make sure your student completes their required hours by the final due date!

Q: Is there an advantage of getting community service hours done early?

  • A: Absolutely! Not only do students no longer have to worry about finding events after they have completed their required number of hours, but we have noticed that service events have a tendency of being less frequent after Winter Break, which makes it harder to finish hours the longer they wait!

Q: Where can I find community service events:

  • A: We have made a public page with service events that is updated weekly. Please visit it here: http://bit.ly/RaneyIBService, If you know of a service event that is not on the webpage, please check the Service Handbook, or email Mrs. Martinez to double-check if it meets our requirements.

Q: How do I know if something qualifies as community service?

  • A: Please review the Community and Service Handbook that was passed out at the beginning of the year (also attached below). This will answer all questions related to community service. Page 9 of the Handbook is especially helpful in answering this question. If you still have questions or find a service that may not be covered in the handbook, please email Mrs. Martinez.

Q: I want to start doing my hours now (during the summer). How do I submit my hours for credit?

  • A: Only some of the hours you do during the summer will count towards your total. Only 5 hours of summer hours will count toward 7th grade totals, and only 7 hours of summer hours will count for 8th grade totals. The remaining hours must be completed during the school year. It is recommended that all students who are new to the IB program wait until Mrs. Martinez has gone over the community service requirements at the beginning of the school year before starting their service hours.

Q: The Quarter-End deadline has passed and my daughter forgot to submit her hours. Can she give them to you late?

  • Late submissions are subject to penalty hours which are different for each grade level. Please see our Late Submission Penalty section in the Handbook on page 5

Community Service for 2021-2022

As part of the IB program, students are expected to demonstrate Balance, Caring, Risk-Taking, and Reflective learner profile traits. One way to do this is through Community Service.

  • 6th Grade students need to complete 10 hours from August to May
  • 7th Grade students need to complete 15 hours from August to May
  • 8th Grade students need to complete 20 hours from August to May

Remember: The sooner you start, the more opportunities you have to choose from, and the sooner you will be finished! To find Community Service opportunities please check our service page regularly. It is usually updated at least once a week. http://bit.ly/RaneyIBService

Also, please be sure to read the Community Service Handbook before you do a service event and make sure it actually qualifies... I've had to deny several hours for a few students because they volunteered for a place or service that does not count. When in doubt - email Mrs. Martinez!

How do I submit my service hours for credit?

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