By: Anel Becerra

male fashion

males wear pants or tupenu and they don't show there knees
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female fashion

have to cover there knees and elbows also wear The Ta'ovala,The Kiekie, and The Kafa

colors and patterns

Mostly tribal patterns and not that many colors but brown and creme or black
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holidays,weddings, and funerals

individuals obtain their fashion

  • most of the stuff they make so its homemade
  • A ta’uvala is a woven or crocheted mat worn over the tupenu. These are
  • generally made of leaves or plastic
  • kiekie is similar as it is worn tied around the waist over the skirt, but generally it is more like a belt with many decorative strips hanging down. These can be woven, crocheted, macramé, braids or strips of tapa.

Technology to produce and manufacture individuals apparel

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