Compare and Contrast

of Sports Coaches

Individual Sport (Jessica Ennis Coach) and Team sport (Stuart Lancaster Rugby Coach)

Both of these coaches will have similar and different roles, responsibilities and skills.

Tony Munichello (athletics) and Stuart Lancaster (rugby) both need to have good communication skills. This is because the players need to know what the coach wants them to exactly do. Without clear instructions the players will not fully understand what the coach wants them to perform e.g. backwards passing drill. This skill is present in both of these coaches, however their communication will be different. When talking to Jessica Ennis, Tony will have a one to one chat with her as there are no other players. As athletics is an individual sport, even though there are others competing.Tony Munichello will be able to listen to her much more and talk to her directly about her training performance. However, when Stuart Lancaster is talking to the England rugby team, he may need to raise his voice to get the players to hear him clearly and therefore they will know what he wants them to do. The role of a motivator is perhaps more important in a team sport because there will be some players that may need motivating due to their lack of confidence in themselves or the team. With Stuart's team talks, all the players will be motivated to play and win the game which is ahead of them. Rugby players need lots of motivation to get them ready for the game and most of the time when they feel energised they play a lot better. However in athletics motivation is not too necessary because it is more technical, but obviously both Rugby players and athletes will have lots of motivation to play to the best of their ability. Another difference would be a role of a friend. This is because in rugby, Stuart Lancaster wouldn't be able to become a good friend with his players because when he’s picking the team sometimes it might not come down to ability of the rugby player that will be picked. Instead it may come down to how close he is to individual players. Where as in athletics Tony is only working with Jessica Ennis so both of them will be closer to each other because they would be spending a lot of time in each others cpmpany. Moreover, both coaches will be a role model to their player/players. This is because the player/players are trusting their coach to teach them to the best of his/her ability and therefore they will look up to the coach. The coaches will always have to be a role model, when they come to training sessions/matches or whenever they are with their player/players. This is because if they come in inappropriate clothing for example e.g. jeans and shirt, then the player/players will think that they aren't a good role model. As a consequence, the player/players will lose respect. Furthermore, both coaches have played the sport in the past, giving them experience in the sport. The coaches experience is something that the players need to take on board to become a better player in their sport, as the coaches will be able to share experiences with them . One similarity of these sports is that the coach will attempt to educate the players and always give them what they think is the right advice and what they think will make them a better player in the future. Providing feedback after a game will tell the player/players how they have performed, what went well and what didn't go so well. Another contrast of these coaches is that Stuart Lancaster would be more of a manager then Tony Munichello. This is because Stuart will prepare all the equipment that is needed for the training session and also having the equipment ready will help him to be organised throughout the session. Furthermore,he will set up fixtures, this means that he will choose games/matches for the teams and therefore he will be able to tell the teams when the matches/games are and when he will have to train for those matches. Tony would discuss with Jessica which athletics competitions she is going to enter during the year. Both coaches will need to be good at managing their time. Time management of a session, can vary depending on the amount of intensity. Both coaches need to know when enough is enough (in training); this is because they will know when all the players need to be taken off the pitch for example when a player is exhausted. Also, they would have to get to an away match leaving enough time to have a perfect warm up so they are ready for the game. Having good time management will mean that they will be able plan the session for the player/players and have a certain amount of time to lead the session. Furthermore, both coaches will need to be able to divide their time to be able to see their family and also to be able to find time to coach. This is because being able to divide their time productively, will help them to be less stressed and therefore they will be more confident and will be able to organise time more effectively. In conclusion, both coaches have comparable roles, responsibilities and skills. However, they are perceived differently due to their selected individual or team sport.