SCS Mentor Training


Welcome to New Teacher Mentor Training for Shelby County Schools!

Please watch the video below for an overview then work through all sections of the newsletter and submit your quiz to document your training for this year.
SCS Mentor Training

New Teacher Mentoring Overview

Please review the webpage for detailed information regarding mentoring procedures and responsibilites. You will need to sign the confidentiality agreement with your mentee and send it to Be sure to read the program overview and mentoring job descriptions carefully and pay close attention to the Year 1 and Year 2 responsibilites.

Eight Qualities of a Great Mentor

Read the article below then complete the response activity on Jamboard.

Ethics Overview

Watch the video below for an overview of ethics related to your mentoring responsibilites.
Mentor Code of Ethics SCS

Alabama Quality Teaching Standards Activity

Deepen your understanding of the Alabama Quality Teaching Standards (AQTS) by completing and turning in the AQTS activity form by October 8. You can scan and email or pony the completed form to

New Teacher Mentoring Quiz

After working through all sections of the newsletter, complete this quiz and submit. This will document your completion of New Teacher Mentor Training for this year. All mentors of new teachers must complete the mentor traning each year per state department guidelines. Thank you for taking the time to complete this traning and for supporting our new teachers.