The Bad Beginning

By: Lemony Snicket


This book is very sad. In the beginning, these kids are trying to find a home. The kids are orphans. Their parents were in a house that burned down. They are sent to this scary town to Count Olaf. Count Olaf is out to get the kids. Unfortunatly, he wants to kill the kids. The kids know he's up to no good. Sooooooo, they are trying to get away. They are calling Mr. Poe (their adopting agent) to come get them now! They go on some pretty scary adventures. Im not gonna give the book away so you have to read it!!! I really recommend it! Some events are; getting traped in a car, calling Mr. Poe, trying to run away, and building things. Once again, it VERY sad.


Mrs. GraffMrs. od Unfortunate Events