Salem Witch Trials

Daniel, Signe og Laura


Puritans were a relegious society, from the sixteenth century. They came from Europe to escape persecutions. They believed that the universe were god-centered, and that man was born sin-full.

Arrivall to Salem

Monday, Jan. 1st 1629 at 9pm

Salem, MA, United States

Salem, MA

The Puritans came from Europe to America, New England, Salem. They couldn't stay in Europe because they felt like they were loosing their culturel identity.


In 1692 the minister of Salem and his wife leave their daughter and her cousin, with Tituba a Caribbean Indian slave. while the the parents are away Tituba tells the children stories about witchcraft.
What Caused The Salem Witch Trials?

Witch Hunt In Salem

The girls started acting strange and people in Salem believed that they were hexed. the girls gets purified by a preach, and they accuse other women in town for writing in the devil´s book.

the accused women had to go through a trail, if they confessed that they were part of the devil's plan they could be purified and the punishment would be gentle. But if they didn't confess it could mean death.

Benefits Of The Witchhunts?

The women in Salem was oppressed and didn't have many opportunities in life. When the wichhunt began, people started to respect them and listen to them.

Suddenly the people with low status had gain power and had an influence on who should live or die.