Ellis Elementary Art

Art News from our Colorful Class!

African Masaai People--by Josie

Third graders studied the Masaai tribes in Kenya and Tanzania, Africa and created an artwork incorporating the Masaai love of pattern and jewelry.

Ask your favorite 3rd grader about the Masaai hairstyles and way of dancing!


Our school is a member of Artsonia.com, an online art museum. Artsonia manages school art galleries in a safe and educational manner, developing students' pride and self-esteem while involving parents and relatives in their education. Your permission is needed for your child's artwork to be featured. Look for Ellis Elementary!

The Snowy Day--Artwork inspired by Ezra Jack Keats

Arbor Day Poster Contest Results

Wyatt wins 1st Place!

Wyatt's artwork has been sent to the state contest for judging!



All 5th grade posters are on display at Plattsburg City Hall. Award presentation will be in April.

Pattern Unit by First Graders!

First graders have "visited" the village of Patternland, drawing either Sadie, Sadie the Pattern Lady or Dashing Dan the Pattern Man, then designed patterned quilt blocks, listening to poems and books along the way!
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Missouri Stiticheries

Ryan stitches on his Ice Cream Cone, the Missouri State Dessert! 2nd graders are learning about the 24 Missouri state symbols and chose one to draw and stitch on burlap. Ask your favorite 2nd graders about the state flower, tree, animal, amphibian, fossil, dinosaur, rock, grass, grape, and MORE! We even have a state exercise!
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Common Mergansers by John James Audubon

Third and fifth graders are beginning their duck artworks for the Jr. Duck Stamp Contest (see website below for more details) and have looked at the above painting of Common Mergansers. Ellis students have chosen their duck, swan, or goose and began their drawings. Anyone with old copies of magazines with nice photos of ducks? We would love a donation to the art room for more visual resources!