Books & Bytes

Woodfields Elementary Library May Newsletter

Books are Groovy!

We will be having our spring book fair starting May 18th. The fair should be delivered by May 16th, with a student and teacher preview day Tuesday, May 17th. The classes will come during their related arts time as not to interrupt classroom schedules. I hope that you attend the preview during your available time and complete a classroom wish list, eat some goodies, and register to win books from the fair!

The book fair will be open daily from 8:00 - 2:30 PM. It will close briefly during 11:00-11:45 for restock etc, on the 18th, & 24th, but will stay open continuously on the 19th, 20th, & 23rd, for birthday lunches and Field Day. Please encourage parents to stop by. This fundraiser will help buy books for the library, pay for our BookFlix subscription, and our special visitors for next year. We also will have the book fair online. This means that students and adults can buy books online that we may not have on our fair and Woodfields still gets the credit! The link to our fair homepage is below.

As in the past I'm trying to get at least three volunteers throughout the day so I can take scheduled classes in the library. However, if this doesn't happen I cannot, but you all are most welcome to bring your classes in to work on computers and step out to take a bathroom break.

The fair will be open for two Family Nights, the 23rd & 24th. If you are willing to volunteer to help one of those nights it would really be appreciated! The sign up link is below. I know the end of the year is very stressful and I really do appreciate your support, understanding, and willingness to work with me during this time!

Just a Reminder:

All students library books need to be turned in by May 13th.

Getting Techie!

What's Going On...

Robotics with Kitty Tripp

The students in 4th & 5th grade had a great time working with Kitty Tripp and her robots. All students used self-discipline, perseverance, and collaboration to get their robots to move. Please click on the link above to see them in action!

Grade Level iPad Carts

Please return all iPad carts to the library by the end of the day(3:00 PM), Friday, May 27th. This is the last full day of school. I know that each grade level made different decisions on how to break the carts, but the iPads need to be placed back on the cart and the entire cart returned. You are welcome to return the cart earlier if you wish. I know that some of you may be using them heavily at this time of the year, but I also need to have time to check them before the last day. I'm hoping not having them for the 1/2 days will be a compromise.

Equipment Turn In

I know that many of you are taking classes this summer and have asked to keep your Chromebooks. At this point the DO has not made a decision. I will let you know as soon as they do. If they say you may take your devices home I still need to see your device and accessories, as per the checklist.

Please let me know if you have any questions!