Love controls Lysander

The changes a spell can make on a person.

People's ideas of love can, and often do, change.

Throughout being under a spell, Lysanders point of view of Helena had changed to the complete opposite. The plan of running away with Hermia had erased from his mind and she ended up being nothing to him. Towards the end of Act III, Lysander woke up from the love spell "Love in idleness" to first see Helena and fall in love with her. His change of love from Hermia to Helena was proved when Lysander says "Content with Hermia? No. I do repent the tedious minutes I with her have spent. Not Hermia but Helena I love" (II.ii.84-86). By being under this spell, Lysander has fallen in love with the Helena, instead of using the original plan and running away with her best friend Hermia. Without being under the "love-in-idleness" spell, Lysander would have still be with Hermia, instead of not wanting anything to do with her. Having him with this point of view and wanting to spend all of his time with Helena, it's shown that if Lysander is determined to get something he wants, he will go through battle or anything to prove his love for it.

People's emotions usually control how they act.

Lysander believes that he will always get what he wants. Having this type of belief, he will go through battles and have many problems so that he ends up being the winner. In the beginning of Act III when Lysander and Demetrius both see they want Helena being under the love spell, Lysander offers a duel with Demetrius to show who should get her. This woman has gotten in between them, leading to Lysander to say "If that's what you say, go fight a duel with me and prove it" (III.ii.260). Lysander is determined to prove to Helena he will do anything for her, because of her thinking this is all a prank between the two guys and her best friend Hermia. This is making Lysanders strong emotions towards Helena, and to prove he is the one that should have her and is controlling his actions. Throughout this play, it continues to show that Lysander is a very determined person and will do anything to get what he wants.

Strong emotions can change the kind are people we are.

Throughout Act III, Demetrius and Lysander have shown to have very strong emotions about Helena. Lysander is willing to give up Hermia to Demetrius, who is suppose to want to be with Hermia also. Before being put under the love spell by another character named Puck and waking up to first see Helena, Lysander knew Demetrius wanted to marry Hermia but she wanted to run away with Lysander instead and now Lysander is giving her over to Demetrius so he can have Helena. In the beginning of Act III, Lysander says to Demetrius "Don't be cruel, Demetrius. I know you love Hermia and you know I know it. Right here, right now, I swear I'm giving up all my claims on her and handing her to you. In exchange, give up your claim to love Helena, since I love her and will love her until I die" (III.ii. 64-69). The strong love Lysander has for Helena now, is changing the way he thinks of wanting to be with Hermia. Before, he was so in love with Hermia and wanted her all to himself, while Helena wanted to be with Demetrius who wanted Hermia also. Now, Lysander is willing to do anything to have what he wants, which is Helena. This character has very much made a big change in the way he was thinking of who he wants to be with, and how he would handle the situation of getting rid of another girl.
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Connection to the character

Although Lysander is a fictional male character, we share some similarities. Even before he was put under the love spell he was going to run away with the love of his life no matter what Hermia's father wanted her to do. After he was under the spell he was determined to get Helena, which was who he wanted at that time. Being the regular Lysander or being the "Love-in-idleness" Lysander, he still did what was what he wanted, and didn't listen to others. In that way we are similar, I like to get what I want no matter what is coming towards me. When I want something, I get determined to do whatever it takes and do what I believe is right for me. With similarities there comes differences. In the beginning of Act I when Egeus demands Hermia marries Lysander, Lysander confronts Demetrius and makes himself look cocky and conceded while he is listing all of the reasons he is better than him. In that way we are different because I am not cocky and I would not compete with somebody. If I want to get something then I will go straight to that, and not go through many people and try to make myself look better than them.
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