Altar - El Dia De Los Muertos

By: By Angel Arenas

Things that a Altar needs

Most of the things that an Altar will need will be: pictures, things that he/she liked to eat, favorite things, flowers, candles and sugar skulls. People do this so they can remember the person that passed away.

Facts about my grandma ( Calletana )

My grandma passed away when my brother was almost born. My Tia's never told my mom that my grandma passed away because my brother could also pass away because of my mom knowing that her mom passed away.

My grandma

My grandma always used to help all of my aunts on all of the things that they needed help in. She mostly helped them in taking care of my little cousins when my aunts went to work.

Some things that my grandma did

When it was my Aunts birthday, then my grandma would go up to them and sing the happy birthday song to her. She also got my uncles and aunts a basket full of candies when it was their birthday.

What my uncles and aunts did to my grandma

When it was my grandma's birthday my aunts, my uncles, and my grandpa went up to her to sing the happy birthday song to her. When they went, my grandma felt very happy about what they did and when they also went, they gave her a really big hug.

Things that happened when my grandma passed away

When my grandma passed away, my oldest brother was 8 years old, then my second oldest brother was 6 years old. Also my third oldest brother was 4 when my grandma passed away. My brother that is 17 and I wanted to know how my grandma actually looked but we didn't get to know her.

In the beginnings of the year 1996

When my mom knew that my grandma had passed away, she couldn't sleep or talk because each second she remembered her. Also my Tia's and Uncles cried a lot just like my mom. Most of the people that knew her say that she was a really good person because she helped everybody. I also think that she was a really good person even if I didn't get to know her.