The Master and the Servant

A Tale of Hard Work

One day a very rich man had a party. This man's servant helped with the whole thing. He cooked, cleaned, and served for the party. The master had paid the servant nothing for his hard work. The poor servant also received a scolding for not cleaning the mansion good enough. The master did not have any respect for the skilled servant.

After that terrible experience for the servant, he went to town to buy more groceries for his master. While he was there, he saw a restaurant that needed more employees. He thought that this would be his only opportunity to escape his horrible master, so he applied. The manager of the restaurant was very picky and needed the servant to do a task to prove that he was good enough to hire. The manager told the servant to work in the restaurant for one day and sees how it goes. The servant eagerly accepted.

The servant cooked, cleaned and waited for the customers. He did an excellent job. His food was so delicious that the customers couldn't stop eating it. The restaurant was so clean that the people could see their reflection on the floor. That day was the busiest day of the year for that restaurant. The manager couldn't believe it. He hired the servant, and in return for doing such a good job, he bought the servant from his master and freed him.

This story teaches you that if you persevere and work hard, you will get happiness in the end.