The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Mara Colarossi


The text structure that the author uses characterizes Walter Mitty as a victimized being.

Claim 1

His wife is rude to him and she thinks that he is incapable of doing anything correctly. When Mrs. Mitty needed a few small things and asked Walter to pick them up, he completed them. However, she didn't believe that he had done this task right. Finally, Walter Mitty stood up for himself but when he did, his wife said she was going to take his temperature because she did not believe he was capable of speaking up for him self.
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Claim 2

People that Mitty runs into on the streets think that he is unusual. Mitty was talking to himself while on his way to the store, while walking a lady made fun of him because he was saying things to him self. The parking attendant made Mitty get out of his car because he didn't believe that Walter could park the car on his own.
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Claim 3

Mitty doesn't do things like everyone else does, so people around him make fun and laugh at him. A policeman yelled at Mitty for driving at a slower speed than him. The garageman laughed at Walter Mitty because he couldn't change his own tire chains.
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Overall, Walter Mitty is victimized by several people throughout the story.