The adventure of AVID!

Julian Zamora, 1/16/15,Avid-2

How did i grow as a student this semester?

This semester i grew: organized. As in neat and well put. they only reason i was organized this semester was because of avid.

The Binder.

My binder is my best friend right now and is to everybody in school. It holds all your supplies and belongings. And it is not good if it isn't well put it is better if you have not problem carrying it.That is what avid is for organizing your binder. But we put it in a certain way such as: pencil bag, ruler, planner, dividers, and notebook paper. Our pencil bag needed: 2 pencils, 4 pens (2 black and 2 red), glue, scissors, and colored pencils. our planner was for us students to fill in for the first thing in class and copy the agenda. our divider was to hold 2 sections for every divider/subject 1 for Cornell note and the other for graded papers.

Cornell Notes.

Cornell notes are notes we taking during a lesson in one of our classes.the have a very useful study technique for you to study for tests, quizzes, or projects.But if you don't understand a lesson you would fill out a Tutorial Request Form (TRF).

Tutorial Request Forms

Tutorial Request Forms are a worksheet you need to fill out and what you need help on in a class. After you have done that you will have to wait until Tuesday or Thursday to present it to a group of students and they will tutor you until you receive the answer you need. This is called Tutorials.


AVID has helped me this first semester while have fun activities. Going to universities near us, going to a camp, doing public speaking, or help mission Arlington help box food for families who don't have any source of food.Not to mention all the thing we do for the community goes on our record under community service and will help our background information when we go to college or apply for a job.


My family and I have seen what Avid has done to me. It keeps me organized and turn assignments in on time so no all night homework. I think i see a difference from 6th grade me and today.

What will i do next semester to continue to grow in these areas?

i will do the same as last semester but even better. And i will do it for my entire school career. To lead me in a straight path for my future college and job.