Origins of Christianity

Exploring Christianity

Christians, Jews, whats the difference?

Differences between Christianity and Judaism.

Christianity, like Judaism, worship one God, the same God for that matter. The main difference is that Christians, unlike Jews, Christians also worship Jesus, which is the son of God, or the basic Human version of God.

Christian Beliefs

Christians believe, that Jesus of Nazareth, is the Messiah, or the chosen king that would save Jews. Christianity is the religion that branched off of Judaism. The reason Judaism didn't just die completely, is that the people that didn't convert, believed that Jesus wasn't the real Messiah, and are still waiting for the "real" Messiah.

Christians Today

Have Christian traditions changed?

Well, they aren't different at all, they still do communion, have church on Sundays, and celebrate holidays.

A problem with today.

The thing that really is bad about today is that, Christmas, for example, most people that celebrate it don't even go to church! Let alone pray. There is no point, they are in it entirely for the presents, I mean presents are cool but still.