Bernie Sanders

issues and views

Issue #1: women`s rights

My view: I believe that women should have the right to choose what they want to do with their unborn child. If a women decides that she wants to abort, that is her decision based on her situation. Some people are not suitable to take care of a child. I also believe that the wage between men and women should not differ. Women should not face this kind of discrimination.

Bernie Sanders: Bernie Sanders believes that a women`s healthcare decision should be between her and the doctor. Bernie says that birth control should be covered by insurance, which will make it easy and accessible for all women. Bernie also wants to make the pay between male and female doing the same amount of work, equal. Bernie fully supports women`s rights and is challenging any laws that discriminate females in this society.

Issue #2: Economy

My view: There has been an increase in job losses over the past years. In my opinion, more Americans should be employed, and the minimum wage should be increased. The current minimum wage in Connecticut is $9.15. If this is increased, the chances of a person supporting themselves and a family will grow. Also, speaking from a young person, it is very hard for 16,17 or even 18 year olds to find jobs. Having a job as a young person would help and give the experience needed to enter the real job world as an adult.

Bernie Sanders: Bernie Sanders believes that we must send millions of Americans back to work. He wants to do this by using sustainable energy sources, and bringing data and telecommunication networks into the 21st century. Bernie Sanders has also said that he wants to raise the minimum wage, to make sure that every person is able to support themselves. As for youth jobs, he plans to pass The Employ Young Americans Now Act, which will provide millions of youths with jobs, and others training and opportunities.

Issue #3: Health Care

My view: Many people these days have medical issues that must be treated by prescriptions, and/or special treatments that they cannot afford. I believe that the costs for treatments that could save someone`s life should be lowered. I also believed that legal or not, people will still use the drug marijuana, and in my opinion should be made legal.

Bernie Sanders: Bernie believes that every American should have access to a safe and affordable prescription medication. He said that, “It is unacceptable that Americans pay, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs.” Sanders has introduced S.627, a medical innovation prize fund that will change the financing research, the development of new medicine, and drastically decrease the prices.