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Counseling Corner

We know that this is a difficult time for our students and their families. We are so proud of our students for their efforts and their flexibility. The Skyview counseling department (Mrs. Beth VanBuren and Mrs. Perly Hadrick) have been meeting with students are available to schedule sessions (individual times or small group.) Please contact your child's counselor if he/she would benefit from connecting.

For our families... we know that this is an overwhelming time. Some days go really smoothly and others are like a roller coaster! The article links below are offered as a resource to our families:

10 Positive Parenting Practices During Coronavirus

Anxiety and Coping with the Coronavirus

Parenting in a Pandemic: Tips to Keep the Calm at Home

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Latest Communication from Dr. Zerbe - sent via email 5/6/2020

End of the Year Schedule – Please see the dates and events to take us through the end of the year.

Please know that more information will be coming from Building Principals regarding the end of the year EXCHANGE and other specific building matters.


May 22 - No School Grades K-12

May 25 - No School Grades K-12

May 29 - Last Day of New Instruction for Seniors - Last School Day for Seniors


June 2 Teacher In-Service K-4 and 9-12

June 3-4 Material/Instrument/Computer/Books/Uniforms - Exchange for Seniors

June 5 Last Day of New Instruction for Grades K-11

June 8-12 Material/Instrument/Computer/Books/Uniforms - Exchange for grades K-11

June 9 Last Day for Student Submission of Assignments

June 11 Graduation

June 12 Last Day of 2019-2020 School Year

June 15 Report Cards Issued

Keep checking your student email!

So much is new as we continue in our virtual learning environment! One important thing is for students to remember to check their student email account daily! Teachers and support personnel use email to communicate with students and it is a great tool for them to use to reach out with questions.

How do I access my student email?

All students have a Methacton email account ( which is setup as a Gmail and only emails within the Methacton domain can be sent and received.

The easiest way for students to access this is through the MyMSD Student Launchpad entering their Methacton Username and Password and selecting the Gmail icon (see below)

Honors at Arcola (information originally posted 4/27/2020)

Due to our abbreviated time in the buildings this year (2019-2020 school year), we have made a few adjustments to the Honors rubrics. With a few exceptions, the majority of assessments used to determine placement into 7th & 8th grade Honors courses had already been given and graded by March 11. In some instances, only two of the planned three assessments were administered. These are noted within the rubric. In these cases, it was not necessary to make any adjustments to overall points. The CDTs for science from grade 7 to 8 were not yet given, and as a result, were removed from this rubric. The overall number of points was adjusted to reflect this change. The other main adjustment is seen in 6th graders moving into 7th grade Honors math, as we did not have an opportunity to provide a second round of testing. This resulted in an adjustment to the points needed for placement into Honors Algebra or Honors Pre-Algebra. These updated points are reflected in the rubric.

Click here for the Arcola Honors Rubrics.

Skyview Announcements May 11, 2020 1 17 PM