Animals are Friends, Not Food!

Go Vegan to save the planet and yourself!

What is Veganism?

Commonly known, a vegetarian diet consists of no meat or fish but allows milk and egg products. Veganism is essentially a step farther, creating a lifestyle free from any animal origin. Starting with your diet and products you buy, you take a direct stance on this issue by not giving your money to it. But veganism is so much more than that!

Why be vegan?

There are countless benefits for being vegan but three most important are:

1. Complete avoidance of animal mistreatment and slaughter.

- Every year in America, over 56 BILLION farmed animal lives are taken by humans. Not even counting the fish and sea creatures, whose deaths are so great they can only be measured in tonnes.

2. The elimination of certain health risks such as: heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, stroke and respiratory disease.

- Last year, the World Health Organization categorized red meat as a carcinogen. Eating as little as 50 grams (think of a hotdog) can raise the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%. Red meat is so devastating to our bodies that it is comparable to cigarettes.

3. Huge reduction of environmental footprint and waste.

- Around the world, thousands of acres of rain forest are sold as land for animal agriculture to raise animals to eat for the American population. Leading to catastrophic deforestation and increase in methane gas from the animals, which is 10x more dangerous than CO2 gas. Also for every ounce of meat processed, 20,000 gallons of water is wasted just to raise that animal.

Bring back compassion to a world that so badly needs it!

Not to mention, Veganism can put an end to third world hunger!

70% of all grain production is fed to livestock, to feed us. It is estimated around 12 pounds of grain is needed to produce one pound of meat. By using the grain we would feed to the livestock as food for starving people in underdeveloped countries, we would be able to feed roughly 1.3 billion people. Doesn't that sound inspiring?

Vegans you may know and love!

Many celebrities and influential people have realized the reality of the world without veganism and made the lifestyle change,and so can you!