Black Leopards

By : Logen Leigh


Black leopards live in Africa, southern Asia, Korea, even Jungles.

This is where black leopards live

where leopards live

The red area on the map shows where leopards live
Leopards vs. Lions - 2015


Black leopards eat crocodile's, fish, human's, and land animals.
Jaguar vs Leopard,Jaguar ugly more than Leopard,Jaguar amazing speed skil

comparing leopards and Jaguar

Jaguar's have bigger and darker spots than leopards but leopards have small dark spots .Jaguar's are bigger than the black leopard but the leopard is the 5th biggest leopard in the hole wide world.

Meat eater or Carnivore

My animal the Black Leopard is a Carnivore or for short a Meat eater a Carnivore is a animal that eats meat.
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Baby Black Leopards

Baby leopards are blind and can't walk for 6 week's because when they are just born they are only little and they are like 2 feet long and there feet size is 8 centimeters long and they are 9 inches with.