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March 6, 2020

Dr. Seuss Week

The Principal's Corner

Happy Friday! Open House this past week was a huge success and we were excited to meet many new families interested in CornerStone Prep. If you have not already done so, be sure to return your Intent to Re-enroll Form to secure your child's spot for the 2020-2021 school year. Also, please take a moment to review our attendance policy below to ensure your child is meeting our expectations of attendance.


Parents and students are asked to make every effort to ensure regular attendance. When possible, dentist and doctor appointments should be scheduled outside of school hours. If a student is absent, regardless of the reason, it is the student’s responsibility to talk to his/her teacher(s) to make up all missed assignments.

Students are also responsible for scheduling any make-up tests or quizzes with their teachers. The student has one day to make up homework for each missed day. Each incomplete assignment, quiz, and/or test will be recorded as a zero.

A student should not exceed more than ten days absent in a semester. If a student misses more than ten days of school in a semester, for excused and/or unexcused reasons, he/she and his/her parent will be required to meet with the Assistant Principal and/or the Principal to discuss a plan of action for the remainder of the year.

Absences will be excused for the following reasons: illness, death in the family, medical appointments, dental appointments, and funerals. Any other instances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Excused and pre-approved absences are included in the ten-day limit per semester.

If a student misses more than three consecutive days for an illness, a doctor’s excuse will be required. Once a student has reached five absences in a semester without a doctor’s excuse (this does not have to be consecutive days), a doctor’s excuse will then be required for the remaining days of the ten allotted. If a doctor’s excuse is not provided, the student will receive an unexcused absence and teachers will assign zeros for all missed assignments, quizzes, projects, and tests that are taken, due, or assigned on that day.

Exceptions may be granted in the case of a family death or family terminal illness. Extended illnesses, surgeries, pregnancies, or emergencies will be dealt with on an individual basis. A note from a doctor explaining extenuating circumstances will be required.

When a student is absent for any reason, he/she must have a written excuse from his/her parent, guardian, or doctor stating the cause of the absence before an excused absence will be granted. After illness due to a contagious disease, the returning student must have a written statement from a medical doctor indicating that the condition is no longer contagious.

To avoid confusion, a parent should call the school when a student is absent. If a call is not received, a school representative will call to ensure that the parent is aware of the student’s absence.

Tardy / Early Dismissal

Any student entering the classroom after 7:50 a.m. (middle and high school) or 8:00 a.m. (elementary) will be considered tardy. When the student arrives late, the driver must sign the student in and provide the reason for the late arrival. Tardies will be recorded as excused or unexcused.

The following tardy/early dismissals will be considered excused: youth conferences, car breakdowns (student drivers must have a parent notify school), illness, medical appointments, funerals, driver tests, dental appointments, and traffic accidents. All other reasons will be considered unexcused.

Three unexcused tardies will equal one check. (Refer to the Discipline section.)

• Late arrival from school start time to 9:30 a.m. = 1 tardy

• Arrival after 9:30 a.m. = ½ day absence

• Departure before 1:30 p.m. = ½ day absence

• Departure after 1:30 p.m. = 1 early dismissal

• Six excused and/or unexcused tardies or early dismissals will equal one absence. This will be applied to the ten-day limit per semester.

To Purchase & Customize your Yearbook, click on "CornerStone Prep Yearbook" above and enter the following school passcode: 101565302102699

Price: $25.00

Deadline: March 16

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Last chance to order ROYAL SWAG

If you would like to purchase official CornerStone Prep athletic wear, please click HERE to visit the online store. All items are approved for the regular student dress code (the athletic pants are acceptable for dress down days only). The deadline to order has been extended to March 13. Orders will be shipped to the school, and we will call you when they are available for pick-up.

Important Dates

  • March 11 - End of 3rd Quarter
  • March 13 - Noon Dismissal (No lunch)
  • March 18 - Spring Pictures (Outdoor)
  • March 20 - Report Cards will be sent home
  • April 6-10 - Spring Break

Catering and Creations Take & Bake Fundraiser

Order closes Friday, March 13

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Middle/High School Cooking and Etiquette Class