Welcome To New York

The Skyline View is Beautiful

Resturaunts are a Need to Know Around Here

There are hundreds of resturaunts in New York. Not even actually there are hundreds of thousands of resturaunts and food carts and... everything. But, a lot have not so great food. Like I said before you need to know your food around New York. Like the chinese places. There trustworthy. I promise.
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You Also Need Some Places to Chill

You'd think around a library or museum or something like that would be fun. No. The movie theater nearby has some popcorn the will always hit the spot and the best movies play, always.
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Have Some Fun

People love having fun in New York so you should too. There's no point in living if life isn't enjoyable right.
Watch this video!!

This video shows how much fun you can have in the one and only Big Apple

Classes you shouldn't take.

There are some classes you should take. And some you shouldn't. I am here to tell you which ones you shouldn't take. Like ELA with Mrs. Evans. She isn't very nice is all I have to say. Seriously you don't want to have her. Choose whatever other class you want though. Just... not her.

New York can be Beautiful

Upstate New York is beautiful when it snows. Seeing those liitles snowy crystal like things floating down from the clouds.