Road Safety


By:Janine Mukeshimana


  • Research has shown than driving after drinking alcohol can increase the risk of crashing by up to 11 times. The more alcohol consumed, the greater the risk of crash.
  • Alcohol affects decision-making, reaction times, speed and distance judgments, concentration and perception, balance and alertness.
  • It can also give a driver a false sense of confidence, which may encourage risk taking.

how is it affects young drivers?

  • Australia research has shown that, compared to more experienced drivers (those who have been driving for 5 years or more), first-year Provisional drivers are three times more likely to be injured in a crash if they have been drinking.
  • Research has shown that estimating and counting “standard drinks” is difficult and young people often make inaccurate judgements when trying to calculate number of drinks by consumption time to determine if they have sobered up enough to drive.
  • 1 in 7 young drivers believe it is ok to drive after having a few drinks