Boy Scouts of America

By: Anthony Ciraulo and Kyle Murray


In 1910, February 8th Boy Scouts of America was put together. One popular Boy Scout tradition is scouting for food. What you do is the scouts put door hangers on houses around a couple of neighborhoods and after they wait for a week then they go back and collect the food. They bring the food to the pantry and the pantry would weigh it to see how much they collected.

What is boyscouts about?

In it states "In 1910 Ernest Thompson was the founder of boy scouts." He started Boy Scouts of America because he wanted kids to learn leadership skills, and enjoy the outdoors. Some things boy scouts do is they would get into patrols and go on hikes, learn how to set up tents, whittle, and go to summer camp to earn merit badges. They would learn how to cook outside using dutch ovens, charcoal or wood for cooking, and make fire starters to help start there coals to cook there meals.

Who do scouts help?

In the past years 100,000 scouting units are charted to faith organizations. 71.5% of scouts are charted to faith based organizations. "21.3% of all units are charted to civic organizations." Also 7.2% of scouts are charted to educational organizations."

Where does the money go from fundraisers?

According to the BSA "units can use the funds they raise for any activities that are within the national and local council guidelines and that their unit committee and charted organization approve." The Boy Scout troop can use the money for...
  • Unit activities such as camping and other activities
  • Program supplies for unit activities
  • Equipment such as tents,camp stoves,and pine wood derby tracks
  • Advancements and awards such as rank emblems and merit badges
  • Boys life magazines subscriptions
  • Maintain camp properties and council service center
  • Provide insurance
  • Maintain membership records
  • Pay salaries and benefits to employee
  • Purchase program supplies for youth activities sponsored by council
  • And provide volunteer training

How do boy scouts make their money?

One way boy scouts make there money is by selling popcorn. The scouts go around there town and sell the popcorn as a fundraiser. People donate money because their are lots of choices that are good. Another thing boy scouts sell is candles. The candles help towards the boys scouts to help them get new supplies and other necessities.
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