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Bring more visual excitement to your online teaching

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Engage students with wonderful visuals

Make your assignments a little more interesting, although it takes a lot of time picking and choosing. Maybe a great way to start a class, having each student make a page with some background vs the boring "introduce yourself" on blackboard.

Music anyone? Push the button!

You can add music, to keep students bopping along. It takes a while to find what you want, and can only use "Soundcloud", which has a learning curve of it's own - another thing you need to sign up for.


SMORE by Gardelyse

Assignments (yes, I know, you can hardly wait!)

So the upgrade didn't really do what I thought it would do . . .

Part of the reason I paid the $15 was to get some stock pictures to add. Other than the background, I haven't been able to find them. This would then become a tedious task to search for pictures, then download, then implant. After more research realize that all it meant was can save the flyer as jpeg or print it vs keeping online only. Not what I planned.

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