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It's Saturday!

Good Morning New Leb Families! Even though it feels like we may have no idea what day of the week it is - it is Saturday today. In the spirit of keeping with routine, we are sending our Saturday S'more with a few reminders and updates. The most important one is to lean on each other for support, which seems counter-intuitive to the message we are receiving simultaneously to "stay away" from one another. There are so many ways we can come together - phone, text, email. Utilize these and your support network as we navigate this unprecedented time. I am always a phone call away, too. If you have questions or need anything during this time, please call or text me at 475-333-1732.

What About Digital Learning?

Thank you to everyone who came to pick up iPads and work for their students on Thursday and Friday. If you did not get your child's iPad, Ms. B will be at the lunch pick up in the New Leb Parking Lot on Monday at 12:30 with remaining iPads. Please come grab yours!

We are waiting to hear from the superintendent regarding digital/online learning for next week - thank you for your patience. Directions will be clear and we will be available for any questions.

In the meantime, if you are looking for things to do, check out this GREAT resource: https://tinyurl.com/IDEAS-FOR-BEING-HOME-WITH-KIDS

Breakfast and Lunch @ New Leb Next Week - Come to New Leb at 12:30pm to pick up lunch for the day and breakfast for the next day!

Dear Families,

While we are closed, we want to assure you that we will be providing breakfast and lunch during the school week Monday-Friday. Both meals will be delivered at the same time. This will begin on Monday, March 16th.

We will be sending a small yellow school bus to 12 locations so you and/or your child(ren) may go and pick up food. Please be at the location 5 minutes before the scheduled stop. The bus will be at the location for 20 minutes. You will be asked to identify yourself so we can have your name checked off when you pick up your bagged meals of breakfast and lunch.

Tentative menus for next week are:

Breakfast Bag Menu:
Mon: Special K Cereal w/ WG Graham Cracker; Banana & Orange Juice
Tues: Raisin Bran w/ ZeeZee Bar; Orange and Apple Juice
Wed: Corn Flakes w/ WG Grahams; Banana & Orange Juice
Thur: Cheerios w/ ZeeZee Bar; Raisins and Apple Juice
Fri: Asst Cereals w/ WG Grahams; Banana and Orange Juice
Note: Spork Packet in each bag

Lunch Bag Menu:
Please note: everyday will also provide Plain Cheese Sandwich Bags marked with "C"

Mon: Ham & Cheese / Hard Roll; Cherry Tomatoes; Fresh Grapes; & Juice
Tues: Turkey w/ Lettuce on Hard Roll; Cucumber Wheels; Cantaloupe Cubes & Juice
Wed: Chicken w/ Romaine on Hard Roll; Baby Carrots; Cortland Apple; & Juice
Thur: Ham & Cheese on Hard Roll; Celery Sticks; Tangerine & Juice
Fri: Turkey w/ Romaine/ Hard Roll; Corn Niblets; Granny Smith Apple; & Juice.

Note: Spork packet in each bag plus condiment for sandwiches.
*Milk is offered at all stops. All items are subject to change based on availability.

Pick Up Locations:

Route 1:
10:45am: Central Middle School Front Circle
11:15am: Julian Curtiss School Front Circle
11:40am: Wilbur Peck front parking lot
12:05pm: Town Hall (by deliveries - main visitor lot)

Route 2:
11:00am: Glenville Elementary School Front Circle
11:30am: Hamilton Avenue, Parking Lot
12:00pm: Armstrong Court (in front of the handicapped parking spaces)
12:30pm: New Lebanon School, Parking Lot
12:55pm: Western Middle School, Front Circle

Route 3
11:00am Eastern Middle School, Front Parking Lot
11:25am Adams Garden (In front of the Community Building)

March is "BE HERE" Month at New Leb

We can practice with it means to "Be Here" even though we are not in school. See below for ways to manage anxiety and "be here" during the upcoming week.
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5 Tips to Help Children Manage Coronavirus Anxiety from "Little Flower Yoga"

We are living in a time of high uncertainty, and with adults becoming increasingly anxious about coronavirus, including the impact on the economy, work, school, and family life, it’s inevitable that the children in our lives are noticing that tension.

When the nervous systems of parents, educators, and other adult authority figures are activated, it acts as a warning to children, whose own nervous systems become activated as a result.

After all, if the people in charge seem scared it only makes sense to be concerned.

While we can’t eliminate the transmission of our own anxiety to the children in our lives, we can mitigate the impact in some significant ways:

  • Manage Your Own Nervous System: Do what you can to support your own well being, and manage your own fears. Remember that simply intentionally slowing down your breath, and feeling your feet on the ground, can go a long way towards calming the nervous system. Here is a wide range of helpful resources specifically on coronavirus and health anxiety from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

  • Be Honest But Not Alarmist: Kids hear their grownups talking and see their worry, and if we are secretive on top of all that they are left to manage their fears alone. It’s important that we share what is happening with children (keep it simple!), and give them time to ask questions. Here is a great resource from NPR that can help with the conversation in comic book form.

  • Teach Kids What They Can Do: Being able to take action in a situation that feels threatening is usually very helpful. You’ve undoubtably heard all the recommendations to wash hands frequently, and are likely telling your kids to do so. Making the direct connection for them that every time they do a good handwash, they are not only helping themselves, but others as well, can make things feel a little less out of control.

  • Reassure Them The Grownups are On It: Tell children explicitly that some of the smartest and most educated doctors and scientists in the world are working to learn more about this virus every day, that you are paying attention to what is happening and that you’ll talk with them about any new developments. For many kids, this kind of direct language allows them to in effect outsource their worries to you. If the person in charge is on it and honest, then they don’t have to keep trying to figure it out.

  • Reduce Anxiety with Exercise and Fresh Air: Often children’s anxiety needs to be addressed from the body up, and one of the quickest ways to change the biology of anxiety in our bodies is with outdoor exercise. Take advantage of some early spring weather, and get your kids walking or running outside, onto bikes and scooters, on hiking trails, and anything else that is accessible to you. Do it as a family and you’ll reduce your own anxiety as well!


Parent Teacher Conferences that were scheduled to take place next week, Wednesday, March 18th, are postponed for now.

We will let you know more about our March 25th conference date (originally scheduled for March 11th) as we hear more information.

Important Upcoming Dates at New Leb!

Many of the upcoming dates are postponed or being rescheduled - please see below with the most recent information.

CANCELLED! Tuesday, March 17th, 5:30pm: District Art Show Opening Reception @ Greenwich Arts Council (299 Greenwich Ave.)

POSTPONED! Wednesday, March 18th, 2:45pm-6:45pm: Parent-Teacher Conferences

POSTPONED! Week of March 16th: Incoming Kindergarten Student Registration

(Waiting for more info) NEW DATE Wednesday, March 25th, 1:00pm - 6:00pm: Parent-Teacher Conference (rescheduled from March 11th - conference time remains the same)

The dates below are still "on schedule" for now - stay tuned for more information!

Friday, March 27th, 8am-9am: Families join our 1st Grade IB Celebration

Wednesday, April 1st, 6:00pm-7:30pm: 5th Grade IB Exhibition - all are welcome!

SPRING BREAK starts on Friday April 10th (no school on Good Friday). We return to school on Monday, April 20th. If this changes, we will let you know!

65 Ways to Be A Reader - Keep Reading!

This is another great activity to do with your child! Click the link below to see a list of 65 ways you can read with your child: https://tinyurl.com/65-Ways-to-Read

Community Center Inc. (CCI) is celebrating 65 years of partnering with Greenwich schools to support students and families. CCI is a social service agency dedicated to building skills that empower clients to overcome educational, social, and economic barriers so that they can reach their full potential. CCI organizes Homework Club, summer programs, after-school reading groups, and provides individual counseling to students and families.

To commemorate this amazing achievement, CCI has invited New Lebanon students to take part in a reading incentive program. Your children received an activity sheet called, “65 Ways to Be a Reader, ” where they can choose as many reading activities as they like from the attached. They do not have to complete all 65 to be part of the fun! Have your child color in each task that they complete and return to your teacher by Friday, March 27th.

On Friday, March 27th, when your child submits their65 Ways to Be a Reader” form they will:

  • earn a cool “I love to read” wristband.

  • be entered to win a pizza party for their class, an ice cream party for their class.

  • be entered in a raffle with other participating schools for a brand new bike for themselves.

Spaghetti Dinner - NEW DATE! See you on May 9th!

Please be sure to register for the Spaghetti Dinner (new registration deadline will come out once classes are back in session), so you can expedite check in during the event!
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Summer 2020

Have you made plans for Summer 2020? Please see information below about how to set up an appointment to receive a scholarship for your student. Camps that offer scholarships are listed below, too!
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Evening Adult ESL Classes - Postponed for Now!

Tuesday, Feb. 4th, 6:30-8:30pm

New Lebanon School Media Center

New adults are always welcome! No children, please.