Counselor's Corner

Mrs. Miller for the month of: September 2022


Beginning the first week of September, all students in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade will learn the social emotional (or SEL) curriculum to help them solve problems. The 12 tools, one new tool introduced each week, will offer students a choice on how each and every person can go about trying to solve some of their own emotions and struggles at school. These tools can be used at home too, which is highly encouraged!!

The first 3 tools are called the Power Tools

The Power Tools, which are the: Breathing Tool, the Quiet/Safe Place Tool, and the Listening Tool, can be learned quickly and used right away. These tools are great at school and contribute to students being successful in the classroom when they have big emotions that might get in the way of being able to concentrate or learn. Listening is so important for so many reasons, so these 3 tools get introduced during the month of September.

Check out the Power Tools

What exactly are these "tools" all about and why is my child talking about them?

Let's face it, we all have problems from time to time. Some problems are big and some are small. Children have struggles too, with friends, with school work, feeling tired, bored, anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, the list goes on and on. Children often look to the adults for help, which can be a good thing. But many of the struggles children face in a school setting, the adults cannot always fix it. Children feel empowered when they can learn to solve some of their own problems or learn to cope with the range of emotions they experience, so they can successfully get through their day. This helps children feel a sense of control, confidence and improves their self-esteem.
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