Stop "Phoning"!

why can't you live WITHOUT video games?

By Michelle Xu

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Media plays a significant role in our society today.It’s ALL around us,from the music we listen to on the radio,the shows we watch on TV,to the books and magazines we read each day.Especially video games and advertisements are grabbing the main attention of teens and make them not do their work,in fact,read more books and go out to exercise is a great way to avoid negative impacts.

Video games have emerged as one of the most popular forms of entertainment,especially among children and teenagers.On average,child who has a video game machine at home spend about 90 minutes a day playing them(Henry,1).Thus,video games are having multiple negative effects on them.Critics believe that performing violent actions in video games appear more conducive to child’s aggression than watching violent acts on TV.Also,the video games can confuse reality with fantasy.The worst one I think is when playing online,the teens can pick bad language and behavior from other people and may make them vulnerable to online danger.

So,if video games are the”monsters”for the teens,how can we defeat them?How can we solve the problems?First,the parents should be informed of the nature of some games so they may help youth make appropriate game selections for their developmental level.And a better way is to provide a wide variety of physical activities for youth that will offset screen time,such as outdoor sports,crafts,or bicycling.It's healthy for your body and your brain.

Advertising is ingrained in American culture,it influences how people feel about themselves---but often in a negative way.A study conducted to high school boys and girls concluded that 60% more young women than young men feel unhappy with their body types and physical image due to media and advertising influence on television(Friedkin,2).Based on the images they see,women often feel they should be thin and beautiful,it communicates that men should be handsome,tall,athletic.These images are often unrealistic and unattainable.They may make people lose their confidence or even be harmful on themselves.

If we want to avoid something bad to happen,we can watch less TV and magazines.But the main point is---If you really want to become more skinny and taller,why don’t you go EXERCISE?It’s the best and healthiest way to reach your “goal”.Playing basketball can help you grow taller,running can help you to lose weight,and even singing can use up the calories!

All in all, like everything has two-sides,media has the positive impacts too.As long as you use your time wisely and not paying less attention on your works,media can still become your friend and help you out when you need them.But to be honest,why don’t we go out,take a deep breath,then take a walk and feel the happiness when the gentle wind is kissing your face instead of playing video games at home?

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