Republic of Guinea-Bissau

the culture of


back in the 15th century, the area is still known as Guinea-Bissau was part of a vast empire centere in mali. the portuguese began exstablishing themselves on the islands of cape verde, situated 350 miles and, (560 kilameters) northwest of Guinea-bissau.they claim the area around current Guinea-Bissau as portuguese Guinea.

dating and marriage

dating can have a more muslim they are genernerally stricter about moral behavior and interaction between boys and girls, but yet young women often marry in thier teens. whitch they arranganged. marriages are common in rural areas. urban and other animist social norms are less rigid. 14 and up.


the value placed on the extended family has a great impact on Guinea-Bissau's society and individuals enjoy a sense of belonging and security. conformity and contribution to the family are considered more improtant than individual interests.