Celebrity Drug Abuse

Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly

Back Ground

  • Chris Kelly was a duet rapper with Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith
  • Known as Kriss Kross
  • Born in August 11, 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia
  • They wore there cloths backwards and started a trend in rap society
  • Famous for the trend they started and also rap music

Drugs and Consequences

  • Chris Kelly was reported dead on Wednesday May 1, 2013
  • His mother had found him unresponsive on that morning
  • His mother said "He became sick after taking cocaine and heroin the night before"
  • His death was caused from drug overdose
  • Consequences
  • He was hard to control/ manage
  • His duet broken up
  • He became to look very ill
  • Large patches of hair missing.
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