Visiting the holy lands

Hotspots to see while learning about the Middle ages


Jerusalem is a very popular place to visit when trying to learn more about the culture of the middle ages. This city had been fought over by Christians, Jews and Muslims for centuries. It holds religious pray spots for Muslims and Jews called churches and mosques while Christians believe it was the place of Jesus' death. One of the most popular holy sites to visit is the dome of the rock.


Rome had collapsed and been taken over by new power. The religious sites in rome however, have only advanced through time. What is Italy today, played major roles in history throughout time.

Places to see

Life during the middle ages

Surfs, knights, noblemen, and Royalty.

Life in the middle ages was harsh. A serf was basically a peasant, but not a slave. They lived in harsh conditions. Their homes were usually small one room huts with dirt floors. It was almost impossible to keep out rats, bugs, and diseases. Knights served the noblemen and kings by defending their territory and looting treasure for the kings. Noblemen lived upper class lives but not as extravagant as that of royalty. Royalty consisted of Kings, Queens, Princesses and Princes. They lived in castles built by peasants and slaves and were the wealthiest of the kingdom.

The Plague

The plague was a deathly disease that came in many different forms. It started from china and swept across the whole world killing 1/3 of people. The plague spread through fleas and rats biting people and it getting in their blood stream. The most common form of the plague was The bubonic or "black" plague which gets its name from the fact that your eyes and skin tone would legitimately turn black. The nursery rhyme "Ring Around The Rosie" is actually about the black plague and how people would carry posies in their pocket in belief it would keep the disease away. So many people were dying at such a rapid past that the dead bodies would just be thrown in a pile and burned to avoid the spread of the plague and simply because they were running out of places to bury their dead.