Arthur R. "Doc" Barker

by Alexandra Freeman

When and Where?

Doc Barker was a criminal in the 1930's and part of the Barker/Karpis Gang, otherwise known as the "Bloody Barkers." He was born on June 4, 1899 in Aurora Lawrence County, Missouri. He and his family including: his mom (Kate "Ma" Barker), his brothers (Herman, Lloyd, and Fred), were all part of the Bloody Barker Gang. The Gang quickly took over the Midwest and became infamous for many crimes
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Doc Barker was found guilty for many crimes including kidnapping, bank robbing, theft, and even murder. Doc was caught and arrested for stealing a car on the highway on July 18, 1918, but he soon escaped prison in 1920. In January 1921, he was arrested for being associated with many robberies in Oklahoma and was put in prison until June of 1921. Convicted of Murder on January 14, 1922, Doc was sentenced to a life term in prison, but he was paroled 10 years later after earning innocence.

After reuniting with two of his brothers, he quickly got back into the routine and the three of them participated in the robbery of the Third Northwestern Bank in Minneapolis. During this, two policeman and a civilian were killed. On August 30, 1933 the Barker-Karpis Gang robbed a payroll at Stockyards National Bank of South St. Paul. Doc shot dead policeman Leo Pavlak after he already surrendered. In 1934, Doc helped to kidnapped Minnesota men: William Hamm and Edward Bremer. Soon after, Doc was identified and tracked down after moving to Cuba, then to Florida where he departed from his family, and finally to Chicago where he was arrested and questioned.

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Prison for Life

After a long life of theft, robbery, murder, and kidnapping, it was the Alcatraz prison that became his final resting place. January 13, 1939, Doc and three other men were set on making another escape from prison. By sawing through prison bars, they managed to escape after climbing over the high walls of the prison. However, after being found before they could escape to San Francisco, police open fired and Doc Barker was shot and killed.
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Other Facts

With a twelve hundred dollar reward on his head, Doc was known for being a part of over 26 criminal felonies. The height of his crimes were in the 1930's where he and the gang were most infamous.
The Barker Karpis Gang

This video contains information on the gang rather than Doc Barker himself.