Princi-Val notes...

Week of March 7-11, 2016..Pre-Spring Break Week!

What's happening this week!

Grade-level meetings! We will be discussing The Teacher's Sensory Toolbox together. Please join me in the conference room.

***IREAD We will be starting the practice test on Friday, March 4th and will then use Monday through Wednesday (mornings); Make-ups tests will be done on Thursday, Friday.***

Tuesday, March 8th...5:00 Art Show/6:00 Music Program for Special Education and First Grade.

Wednesday, March 9th... Literacy Night (6:00 to 8:00). The Children's Museum is coming again to present "Studio of Colors" and we need your help facilitating! Dinner will be served if you help us.

This is what it feels like when our students are seated and ready for ISTEP, and then the computer doesn't work!

Broken Escalator