Tappers - No Harm Done

We Need Trees To Tap

What We Do

Us rubber tappers have an important role in life. First off we are what supplies you with rubber for erasers and other stuff. Without us how would you erase stuff. I know what your thinking, we destroy trees but we don't. We don't harm the trees in any way. All rubber tappers do is take the sap from trees.

U Want Rubber - I Want Job - We Need Trees

Due to rain forest deforestation is bringing an end to everything rubber. We rubber tappers need trees to tap from and other people need tuber for erasers and other stuff. Now with deforestation tearing up the forest there are becoming less and less trees to tap. If you use erasers at home your at a risk. We need deforestation to stop. Me and my family and also other families need this job.

We Aren't The Problem

Since we are tappers there is no harm done. We are harmless. Besides the environmentalists we do the least harm. All we do is get sap. We don't chop trees, and use land. All we do is go there and get sap.