CCPK Rocks!

Crisp County Pre-K News for February 17, 2014


We will begin a new study about dinosaurs! Our children will learn all about dinosaurs the next two weeks. Remember to review vocabulary words with your children daily: dinosaur, herbivore, carnivore, tyrannosaurus rex, fossils, bones, archaeologist, volcano, lava, brachiosaurus. These are all big words but by the end of our study children will know about each of these words.

Don't Forget These Dates!

Monday, February 17th is a school holiday. Schools will be closed in observance of Presidents Day.

Tuesday, February 18th is school picture day! We will begin making pictures about 8:15 so please make sure you have your children dressed neatly and to school on time.

Thursday, February 20th our spring candy sale fundraiser ends. Please let us know if you need additional forms.

What Can You Do At Home?

Talk about dinosaurs. Ask your children what they are learning each day they come home from school. Ask specific questions such as: What book did your teacher read to you today about dinosaurs? What is an herbivore? What is a carnivore? Review vocabulary words with your children throughout the week as children gain knowledge about each of these new words!