Jacobs Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Mian Characters

The main character Jacob, is a very brave boy to be able to keep his sanity while the SS were trying to kill him and everyone he loved because he was Jewish. Jacobs mom died at child birth, but before the holocaust started he lived a pretty good life. Alex Roslan took Jacob in during this time, and not for one second did he ever give up on Jacob or his brothers. He kept calm and did what needed to be done in order to keep the children safe including risking his own families lives. Mela Roslan is Alexs wife, she also helped with taking care of Jacob and his brothers but once or twise she was ready to give up on the children. She eventually got over it and started to see the boys as her own who would fight for them.
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In this book Jacob is a young boy set place in the holocaust time when his family was split up and scatered. Alex and Mela Roslan took in Jacob so the SS didnt find him because he is Jewish. They swore to take him under their wing and protect him no matter how the going gets tough. During this time Jacob grew on Alex and Mela and really started to become part of the family. They even take in Jacobs brothers and that creates alot of conflict beacause now they have more than one Jew their hiding which is agianst the law.
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Alex and Mela earned the rightious among nations becuase he risked his lives and families lives for a slim chance to save a few small boys. He and Mela sacraficed everything to keep them safe.

Also to earn this award they tried as hard as they could to save Sholom. But when death slipped over him putting him into an endless slumber. They burried him sitting up, the way the Jews are suposed to be burried in order for them to get up and see the Messiah.

Another thing they did was sell their own apartment for the saftey of the children. They could of been homeless but Alex didnt care, all he cared about was keeping the boys safe.


The quote i chose was "Hey Genyek, your not so bad for a jew." This is the quote that stuck out most to me in this book becuase it really emphesizes the way the Jews were treated in this time period and how they were treated unequal and not even like human beings. Almost like they were monsters.


This book is a very good book, its exciting and suspenseful at some parts. I would read it for a second time and maybe even a third time its great. I would recomend this book to anyone who likes the holocaust or sad or suspenseful books. Really to everyone who reads would enjoy this book
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