Mrs. Anderson's 4th Grade News

Fun in January!

A New Year, A New Look

In 2016 I've decided to try a new way to share our classroom news with all my families. You can expect during the first week of every month I will be sending out a newsletter via e-mail instead of on paper. My hope in sending an online newsletter is for convenience, punctuality and the fact that it's also environmentally healthy. With this new look, expect exciting things in our newsletters like links, pictures, videos, audio and forms to help us share our daily activities with each and every one of you!

It's Coming.....the Spelling Bee!!

Our class had a spelling showdown this week where each student was given a word and asked to spell it. We began with Kindergarten words and they progressively got more difficult as the competition continued. It was a long drawn out battle until we finally had three students left! All the kids did a great job taking their time and spelling words correctly based on their knowledge about the English language. The final three students from our classroom that will compete next Tuesday, January 12th at 8:30 in the lecture hall for the annual Amherst Spelling Bee are: Hannah, Ephraim and Ilyana. Please come and cheer them on as they compete. Our top six competitors are: Hannah, Ephraim, Ilyana, Aaron, Tatum and Carrie. Those individuals will be able to attend the Bee and cheer on their classmates and friends.

"The Earth Dragon Awakes"

For the entire week our class has been learning about the San Francisco earthquake of 1806. We have been reading a story called "The Earth Dragon Awakes". This story is historical fiction, which means the story is made up, but may be based on true events or places from history. The kids seem to have many questions about earthquakes and how they form. Since the entire class was intrigued we began watching videos about earthquakes to gain some background knowledge. They also wanted to learn as much they could about different earthquakes in history. We are still reading and learning more in-depth about specific earthquakes!

Topic 7: Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers

Our class will finish up Topic 7 on Friday. We have been learning how to multiply two-digit numbers by multiplying by multiples of ten and using models (arrays) to help us find the product. Students have also been using mental math strategies to solve two-digit problems with and without rounding and estimation. We are becoming much more comfortable with multiplication and how to use our basic facts to help us succeed with the new math strategies we learn every day! Our class will be reviewing for the Topic 7 math test on Monday with a review assignment. Also there will be time on Tuesday before the test for students to ask questions about problems they did not understand and would like to go through together. It is a great opportunity to clear up any misconceptions students have before taking their Topic 7 test!

Scholastic Book Orders

There will be Scholastic book orders sent home on Friday, January 8th with your son or daughter. It is a great idea to look through the catalogs and see what your son or daughter is interested in reading. The more a child reads, the better reader and student they will become. Scholastic is running a book special this month. If our classroom order totals $50 or more, we will receive a set of free book coupons. These coupons are good for each student to get one free book up to a $5 value. If your family finds books they want to order don't forget you may order them online here or bring your order to school. Book orders will be due on Monday, January 25th.
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