Chicken Pox

By: Ryan Lor, Tyler Lookabill

What is the nature of your disease? Is it a virus or a bacterial infection?

Its a Virus known as Varicella, a highly contagious disease caused by initial infection varicella zoster virus.

Would it be considered a prokaryote, eukaryote, or neither?

Neither because a virus requires a host to multiply itself while a prokaryote and eukaryote already have one.

What are the symptoms and treatments associated with your disease?

Vaccines are used to treat Chicken Pox. The chicken pox vaccine is a shot that can protect nearly everyone from catching chicken pox. Also called the Varicella Vaccine. The vaccine is made from a live but weakened virus. Symptoms are itchy like rash on the skin and is very contagious.

How deadly is the disease?

Deadly to babies and pregnant women and other people with weak immune systems.

Its deadly to Pregnant Women because they could pass it to the baby to cause birth defects.(Miscarriage).

Is this disease currently a problem across the world? If so where is it most prevalent?

It is not really a problem in the world. It occurs worldwide.