My First Thought

What does it mean to be cool? How is it important to be cool?

Cool means to standout to others like Connor did in the unwind even though he didn't want to be cool. It's important to be cool because it shows that the person stands out. Also it gives the person respect.

What does it mean to fit in and why is it so important ? what is the advance of being around people who have similar outlooks interests

To fit in means to harmonize or go together. Like Connor and Risa in the story unwind they tried to fit in which is important for them so they don't get caught. It's important to be around people who has similar out looks because it's easy to fit in with those people around.

Why do you think young people use drugs/alcohol? Are drugs/alcohol a problem for teenagers?

Young people use drugs because the teens thinks they are cool and they fit in with other people when the use drugs. Drugs and alcohol are problems for teenager because they get health issues and that might cause to have have liver disease, weight gain, high-blood pressure, alcohol poisoning, heart or respiratory failure. Although Connor and Risa never used it.

At what point does useing drugs or alcohol become a problem?

Age twelve is the most effected but Connor and Risa's early life never involved drugs.