Media Literacy Project

Air Conditioning Gm Commercial By: Amine Berriche

Air conditioning Gm Commercial


This commercial uses logos, because it tells you if your AC isn't fixed then you'll be unhappy when you take a ride in your car. In my perspective it also uses plain folks because it uses an average family and this commercial refers to people of all ages, though a child wouldn't pay to get the AC fixed.


When they say get your AC fixed and you'll be happy, that means that if your very hot and you cool down a little bit with the AC you'll be happier because you're not being burnt to death.

When they say if your car is happy you'll be happy too, they mean that if your car runs well and drives smooth and the temp is nice then you'll be satisfactory with your car ride.

Last one! When they say that bees and mosquitoes and other bugs will come into your car when you roll down the window, I took that as this AC event can cause bad things such as being pulled over for distracted driving and no one wants points taken off their license.


Overall this commercial tells you that if you get your AC fixed and your car is happy you will be happy when driving in your car because you wont burn to death of be fried like sausage to death!