My Life in 15 years

-By Jacob Short

What I Want to do

After I finish college and everything I want to be a Protective Agent for the CIA, basically someone that protects people that might be targets i.e. Prime Ministers, Presidents, The Pope.

After High School

After high school I plan to move to Colorado working part time while going to a junior college to get an Associates in psychology then I plan on going to the University of Colorado Denver and either getting a masters or a PHD in sociology.

For necessities

Hopefully before high school is over I will have a vehicle preferably a Honda 600rr as well as some money saved up and a full time job where ever depending on where I am living. That job might be an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) not only does this have a pretty good salary but it helps meet my long term job requirements (Extensive medical experience is a desired requirement).

Tuition and Cost Per Credit Hour

tuition for in-state is 4,024 dollars a year that comes out to approx. $11,006 for four years .Tuition per credit hour is $362 dollars per credit hour and I plan on doing 15 credit hours that comes out to $5,430 per term or per semester


How much does an apartment cost in Denver Colorado? Decent studio apartments start at $1000-1500 per month I will probably live in a studio apartment. If I don't live in a studio probably just a 1 bed or rent a house with a roommate or roommate's.

After College

To be a Protective Agent you have to have 7 years of experience such as war zone experience, SWAT experience, EMT, First Responder. I will probably go the SWAT route since I don't really plan on going into a war zone before I have to.

Cost of Living

The average cost of living in Colorado is 111.50 plus the 1250 for rent