Never Give Up

By: Ilhaam Hashwani

What is perseverance? Perseverance is not yielding even when you think to do so most. It"s resilience, being able stand back up when you fall. It's even ambition, the motivation telling you to keep going. It's never giving up.

Michael Oher, struggles, triumphs, or both? (Sequence)

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Michael Oher is a current offensive tackle for the Carolina Panthers.He has played in 2 Superbowls, yet sadly only winning one of them. Most people know him for his triumphs, but not many people know what he went through to even simply get into college and graduate.

When Michael was a teen he not only went in and out of school, but he was homeless, he would stay in the playground of an elementary school. One day he met a kid named SJ. So after school one day it was raining and SJ's parents came to pick him up, when they got there they saw Michael. SJ's parents asked their kid who Michael was and he told them about him. So Leigh Tuohy(SJ's mom) took him in and took care of him. They helped him get good education. When he got to high school, he took an interest in football. At first he would falter every time he tried to tackle . Thanks to the help of Leigh Tuohy he was able to do it right. By the time he finished high school, the Tuohys were able to send him to college, where he did great, and getting into the NFL was no problem.

Michael Oher was signed by the Baltimore Ravens on 2009 and now is playing for the Carolina Panthers. The story of how he got into the NFL was created into a movie called The Blind Side. (The blind side is referring to the way the Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton wanted Michael Oher to defend his blind side.)

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Preparing to Win. How easy is it to get into the big leagues. A DESCRIPTION on Maury Wills journey to the big leagues..

Maury Wills was a MLB player for the Brooklyn Dodgers. You may think that he got into the big leagues in the blink of an eye, but what really happened was surprising. Maury tried out for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950, only to be turned down. Maury couldn't hit the ball, but that wasn't even the start of his adversity. He was 5 "8" and he weighed 150 pounds, which made him too small to play most positions. But that didn't stop him. He would overwhelm himself in practice all day. Eventually the team manager, Bobby Bragan, watched Maury practice, and started helping him with his batting skills. Soon he was able to play in the big leagues for good.
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The Running Dream. Will she ever run again? Will she ever be on track again?(Description)

The Running Dream by: Wendelin Van Draanen is about a girl named Jessica Carlisle. Jessica is one of her schools top track runners. Until after a meet one day someone crashes into their bus. The accident caused her to shatter the bones in her right leg . She is rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately she ends up losing everything under her knee on her right leg. Because of this, she is hospitalized for a long time and doesn't go to school for the next few weeks. She felt so idle, she didn't know what to do, her dreams were crushed. When she came back to school, the most important thing was gone, track. She was no longer able to run in track , or even walk.

Soon Jessica received a prosthetic leg which made her able to walk( she could not run in it) but not so easily. It took getting used to. At first she would fall again and again, but she persevered through it. Meanwhile her track team was trying to come up with ways to get Jessica a running leg, (A running leg is what amputees use to run and play sports that involve running). Finally they came up with a fundraiser, and even got their local news station to run a story to earn funds for her leg. Eventually they got enough money to buy Jessica a running leg and bring her dream back to life. They brought her back to one of the things she loves most, running.

What caused them to win or lose? Carl Hayden Robotics Team 2004 (cause/effect)

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Nadja v.s. Oscar, who has triumphed, who has not.

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Persevering may seem easy, but everyone must pay the price. The price you pay isn't cash or check, but its resolving, keeping your determination alive. Its making sure that you keep going. The price you pay may seem big, but it isn't. It's simply trying, trying, trying. Its never giving up.

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