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The Terrible Gypsy Moth

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Where are gypsy moths a problem?

Gypsy Moths are a problem in Camden, Clay, Crawford, Franklin, Greene, Jackson, and Ste. Genevieve counties.

Why are Gypsy Moths a problem?

Gypsy Moths are a problem because they are killing our trees.

How can Gypsy Moths be identified?

Male gypsy moths have regular scalloped lines parallel to the wing edges and are smaller than females. Female gypsy moths are cream colored with a larger body, with the same scalloped lines. Two species are confused with male gypsy moths: tussock moths and underwing moths.

What should you do if a gypsy moth is seen?

Capture it in a ziplock bag, put it in your freezer for several days, then , when its dead, mail it to

How can gypsy moths spread be prevented?

Watch for and report any occurrences of this extremely destructive pest in our state.